How Many Website Visitors Do I Need to Generate $100,000?

How Many Website Visitors Do I Need to Generate $100,000?

There is no magic number. It’s all about the targeted message you’re sending to your customers and the conversion optimization platform behind it.

One of the best ways to maximize conversion rates from your marketing messages or pay-per-click advertisements is to get those that click through to land on a landing page that is promoting something. There are a couple of ways to do this, one is a click through straight to a buy page, and the other is to go to a sales page that helps convince your audience members to buy what you’re selling.

You can create highly targeted and really focused landing pages based on each marketing message that you send or advertisement that you use, using software like or These tools help you to quickly, easily and expertly create landing pages that stand a good chance of converting. Not only that, if you create special pages for each message or advertisement, you’ll be able to know which marketing messages are actually working and converting.

Your landing page should:

Answer Any Concerns of Your Audience

If your audience has any objections, then you should be able to answer them in the landing page.

Provide a Good Headline

When you create landing pages that are directly targeted to specific visitors, you can create compelling headlines that mean something to that particular visitor.

Use Known High Converting Designs

When you use well-known landing page software, you can take advantage of using templates that are proven to work without having to reinvent the wheel.

Remove Distractions

Landing pages should have limited elements to avoid cutting down on distractions for the audience. You want them to read the information that you want them to read, plus act on it. If you have too much on the page, they won’t do what you want.

Have a Single Call to Action

Your call to action is very important, so it should get the special treatment it deserves by being the only call to action on the page. That way there is no mistake what they are supposed to do.

Keep the Language Straightforward

Use clear, concise language in your landing page in order to not blow smoke, or trick your reader in any way, and work it in the language of your target audience so that it resonates with them.

Avoid Lots of Images

Images will slow down the page, and while they do help get your point across, too many images will distract.

Use video when appropriate

A video of you explaining your offer is a great way to make a landing page that is welcoming to your audience.

Test everything and then Test Again

If you’re getting a lot of click-throughs to the landing page but you’re not getting conversions, then you need to try to change things up to improve it.

Don’t waste your marketing messages or online advertisements by sending the people that click through on them to boring, unfocused landing pages. Be sure to make it special, focused, targeted and relevant to your audience and your conversion rates will jump.



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